Eight Constitution Medicine

“The eight constitutions are eight different dynamic orders between twelve organs.

The twelve organs are the heart, the lung, the pancreas, the liver, the kidney, the small intestine, the large intestine, the stomach, the bladder, the gall bladder, the sympathetic nerve and the parasympathetic nerve of the autonomic nervous system.

The eight dynamic orders of those organs physically and mentally form eight distinctive individualities–those are what we call the eight constitutions.”

(Dowon Kuon, 1994)

Constitutions Eight different dynamic orders of twelve organs Autonomic nervous system
Hepatonia Liver  >  Kidney  >  Heart  >  Pancreas  >  Lung Parasympathetic Nerve  >  Sympathetic Nerve
Cholecystonia Gall Bladder  >  Small Intestine  >  Stomach  >  Bladder  >  Large Intestine Parasympathetic Nerve  >  Sympathetic Nerve
Pancreotonia Pancreas  >  Heart  >  Liver  >  Lung  >  Kidney Parasympathetic Nerve  >  Sympathetic Nerve
Gastrotonia Stomach  >  Large Intestine  >  Small Intestine  >  Gall Bladder  >  Bladder Parasympathetic Nerve  >  Sympathetic Nerve
Pulmotonia Lung  >  Pancreas  >  Heart  >  Kidney  >  Liver Sympathetic Nerve  >  Parasympathetic Nerve
Colonotonia Large Intestine  >  Bladder  >  Stomach  >  Small Intestine  >  Gall Bladder Sympathetic Nerve  >  Parasympathetic Nerve
Renotonia Kidney  >  Lung  >  Liver  >  Heart  >  Pancreas Sympathetic Nerve  >  Parasympathetic Nerve
Vesicotonia Bladder  >  Gall Bladder  >  Small Intestine  >  Large Intestine  >  Stomach Sympathetic Nerve  >  Parasympathetic Nerve

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