Cholecystonia Regimen

OO Very Beneficial
O Beneficial
Δ Moderate(Preferably Avoided)
X Harmful
XX Seriously Harmful

Animal Protein

Beef OO
Pork OO
Chicken & Poultry Δ
Lamb & Goat Δ
Milk (Cold/Warm) Dairy Products O(온W)
Butter O
Cheese O
Egg Yolk O
Egg White O
Salt Water Fish
Fresh Water Fish Δ
Shell Fish
Ocean Fish (with Scales) XX
Ocean Fish (w/o Scales) XX
Swell Fish (Monk Fish)

Vegetable Protein

Beans O
Soybean O
Pea, Kidney Bean O
Red Bean O
Fermanted Soybean (Natto) O
Peanut, Almond, Cashew Nut O
Pistachios, Pecan, Pinenut O
Acorn O
Tofu O
Fava Beans O
Chickpeas O

Carbohydrates: Grains,

Rice (White) O
Brown Rice Δ
Sweet Rice Δ
Barley Δ
Buckwheat X
African/Indian Millet (수수) O
Millet: Setaria italica (메조) Δ
Mung Bean (녹두) Δ
Corn O
Wheat Products OO
Job”s Tears (율무) OO
Crusted Rice (Boiled) Δ
Oat (귀리) O
Rye (호밀) Δ


Perilla Oil (들기름) O
Sesame Oil Δ
Soy Oil O
Corn Oil O
Canola Oil O
Olive Oil Δ
Grapeseed Oil X

Root Vegetables: Roots,

Root Vegetables [Radish, Carrot, Lotus Root, Burdock (우엉), etc.] OO
Potato, Yam (고구마) O
Dioscorea opposita (마) OO
Beet O
Ginger Δ
Chines Bellflower (도라지),Taro (토란), Codonopsis lanceolata (더덕) O
Turnip O
Parsnip Δ

Green Vegetables: Leaves, Stems

Green Vegetables (Lettuce, Cabbage, etc.) Δ
Bracken (Fern) (고사리) X
Cucumber X
Stems of Radish (무우청) Δ
Spinach Δ
Aster scaber (취나물) Δ
Water Dropworth (미나리) Δ
Perilla leaf (깻잎) Δ
Allium tuberosum (부추) Δ
Bell Pepper Δ
Pumpkin & Squash O
Zucchini O
Eggplant Δ
Tomato Δ
Avocado O
Shoot of a fatsia (두릅) Δ
Mushroom O
Red Cabbage Δ
Endive Δ
Bak Choy X
Cauliflower Δ
Green, Red, Yellow Pepper (not spicy) Δ
Snap Peas Δ
Celery Δ

Herbs / Spices

Hot Pepper Δ
Onion, Green Onion, Ginger, Cinnamon, Curry, Mustard, Wasabi O
Garlic OO
Sugar (Sucrose) O

Sea plants

Seaweeds (미역, 다시마) Δ
Nori (김) Δ


Apple Δ
Asian Pear OO
Citrus (Lemon, Lime, Orange, Tangerine, Grapefruit) Δ
Mango Δ
Tomato Δ
Melon O
Campbell Early (한국포도) X
Grapes X
Berries, Banana, Pineapple Δ
Kiwi Δ
Pomegranate Δ
Papaya Δ
Blueberry X
Mulberry O
Persimmon X
Raspberry X
Peach, Plum Δ
Cherry, Apricot Δ
Cranberry X
Coconut X
Fig Δ
Lychee O
Strawberries Δ

Herbs & Health Supplements

Ginseng, Red Ginseng X
Antlers of the Deer (녹용)
Honey X
Dates, Jujube X
Chinese Matrimony Vine (구기자)
Root of Ranunculaceae (부자) X
Reishi Mushroom (영지버섯) X
Phellinus linteus Aoshima (상황버섯) O
Quince (모과) X
Citrus Tea (유자) O
Japanese Apricot (매실) Δ
Schisandra chinensis (오미자) OO
Cornus officinalis (산수유) X
Arrow Root (칡) OO
Aloe Vera Δ
Squalene O
Vit. A, D O
Vit. C Δ
Vit. B Δ
Vit. E Δ
Dextrose Injection
Dextrose Powder

Drinks / Beverages

Caffeinated Beverages (Coffee, Tea, Energy Drinks) Δ
Green Tea X
Chamomile Tea (국화차) O
Ginger Tea Δ
Date, Jujube Tea X
Adlay Tea (율무차) OO
Quince Tea (모과차) X
Ssang Hwa Tea / 쌍화차 / 雙和茶 Δ
Ginseng Tea X
Cold Drinking Water X
Warm Drinking Water O
Alkaline Beverage O
Acidic Beverage X
Ice X
Soda X

Favorites/ Snacks

Alcoholic Beverage
Smoking Cigarette
Chocolate, Cocoa Δ

Alcoholic Bev.

Beer X
Whiskey Δ
Tequila Δ
Vodka Δ
Wine X
Unfiltered Korea Rice Sake (막걸리) X
Sake X
Soju X


Gold (Gold Filling) O
Silver X
Jade O


Swimming (Cold) X
Sauna (Perspiration) OO
Breathing Exercise (Inhaling) O
Breathing Exercise (Exhaling) X
Sun Tanning O
Hiking (in Dense Forest) O


This is the regimen based on Eight-Constitution Medicine by Dr. Dowon Kuon