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Gastrotonia is characterized by its superior stomach (pancreas) and inferior bladder (kidney). This constitution is also recognized for its relatively strong large intestine (lung) and relatively weak gall bladder (liver).

Gastrotonias tend to be honest, active, positive and meticulous. Because they are sensible and responsible, they are conscientious and devoted workers. Their efficient and accurate sense of vision gives them a good sense for aesthetics. Although they appear generous, they tend to be straightforward and strict with others. Because of their tendency to be impatient and sensitive, they are not particularly social.

Gastrotonias’ strong and tense stomach often causes indigestion. Their digestive problems are often accompanied by chronic headaches and pain throughout the body. Herbal medicine and antibiotics can cause severe side effects for this constitution. Spicy foods, chicken, apples, and herbal medicine not only cause digestive problems, but can also result in anxiety disorder and malfunction of autonomic nervous system.

(“The descriptions above illustrate general tendencies of each constitution and are not absolute” )

Gastrotonia Regimen