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Hepatonia is characterized by its superior or strong liver (gall bladder) and inferior lungs (large intestine). This constitution also is recognized for having a considerably strong kidney (bladder) and relatively weak pancreas (stomach).

A meat diet will cause this individual to sweat more frequently and fall asleep easily; however, easy sleep and frequent sweat are signs of good health for a Hepatonia. Activities that cause sweating, such as sports and sauna, will help relax the naturally-excited liver and permit good health.

Naturally high blood pressure is common for a Hepatonia; therefore, he or she must be cautious when taking medication for high blood pressure. Hepatonia patients with lower abdominal indigestion, arthritis, skin diseases, depression, or high cholesterol, are encouraged to avoid seafood and increase meat intake. Drinking wine is harmful to a Hepatonia as well.
(“The descriptions above illustrate general tendencies of each constitution and are not absolute” )

Hepatonia Regimen