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Pancreotonia is characterized by a superior pancreas (stomach) and inferior kidney (bladder). This constitution is also recognized for its considerably strong heart (small intestine) and relatively weak lungs (large intestine).

Pancreotonias are usually restless, proactive, and sensible. Because they are naturally positive and passionate, they often achieve good outcomes quickly. They have exceptional sense of color, which also gives them great potential in pursuing fine arts and fashion. Pancreotonias are socially active, straightforward, positive, and possess a strong sense of justice. However, they tend to be impatient, relatively prone to misspeaking, offended and upset easily but overcome such emotions quickly.

Because of their strong pancreas and stomach, Pancreotonias have a hearty appetite and may have a hard time restraining their hunger. If they consume spicy foods, chicken, apples, and herbal medicine, they will add heat to their strong pancreas, which will make controlling their appetite more difficult. Consumption of such foods may also cause them to be more susceptible to diabetes, and grow more impatient.

(“The descriptions above illustrate general tendencies of each constitution and are not absolute” )